Rent is payable monthly in advance and includes:

  • supply of heat,light and power to the offices and the common parts
  • cleaning of the common parts
  • repair and maintenance of the building
  • buildings insurance

The tenant is responsible for telephone, internet and any liability for non domestic rates.


Prices start from 420.00 plus VAT per calendar month.

Please contact us for more details.



 floor areas


Tower Office

 59sqm (640sqft)  

Gillespie Office

 23sqm (245sqft)  

Coach House Office

 26sqm (285sqft)  

Hayloft Office

 84sqm (900sqft)  

Stables Office

 35sqm (374sqft)  

Younger Office

 17sqm (180sqft)  



Mount Melville House
Mount Melville
St Andrews
KY16 8NT

Tel: 01334 470703

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